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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ini pula kesilapan Indonesia terhadap bendera 5 negara di SEA Games 2011

Ia dilaporkan sebuah portal Indonesia 6 tahun lalu, ketika Palembang dipilih menjadi tuan rumah SEA Games ke-26.
PETALING JAYA: Di saat pelbagai pihak di Indonesia masih marah terhadap kesilapan Malaysia mencetak bendera republik itu terbalik dalam buku cenderahati rasmi Sukan SEA ke-29, kesilapan sama pernah dilakukan tuan rumah Indonesia ketika menganjurkan sukan itu 6 tahun lalu.
Kesilapan itu dilakukan menjelang Sukan SEA ke-26 di Palembang, menurut sebuah laman web Indonesia yang melaporkan perkara itu beberapa bulan sebelum acara itu.
Kompasiana.com melaporkan kesilapan itu melibatkan sekurang-kurangnya 5 bendera negara Asean termasuk Malaysia.
Antaranya ialah bendera negara dipasang terbalik selama lebih 2 bulan di pelbagai lokasi di Palembang termasuk berhampiran bank, restoran, hospital, universiti dan hotel.
Jalur Gemilang pula dipasang terbalik di Gedung Asuransi, Jalan Jendral Sudirman dengan lambang bulan sabit dan bintang berada di bahagian bawah.
Di lokasi sama, bendera Myanmar disalah cetak apabila kombinasi biru merah dikibarkan, sedangkan ia tidak digunakan lagi sejak 21 Oktober 2010.
Bendera Myanmar ketika itu sudah pun menggunakan kombinasi kuning, hijau dan merah dengan lambang bintang 5 bucu berwarna putih.
Bendera Vietnam turut menjadi mangsa, dipasang terbalik di depan Hospital Muhammadiyah Plaju. Bendera dengan lambang bintang 5 bucu seharusnya dikibar dengan bucu tunggal di bahagian atas tetapi ia diterbalikkan ke bawah.
Bendera Filipina pula dipasang terbalik apabila bahagian biru yang sepatutnya berada di bahagian atas diterbalikkan ke bawah.
Bendera Timur Leste pula dikibar dengan lambang bintang 5 bucu yang sepatutnya berdekatan tiang, tetapi berubah kedudukan ke depan.
Menurut laporan itu, 5 daripada 8 bendera negara peserta termasuk Malaysia dikibarkan terbalik di depan sebuah institusi pendidikan swasta.
Hanya 3 negara terselamat Asean “terselamat” daripada kecuaian, iaitu negara tuan rumah Indonesia, Singapura dan Kemboja.
Malaysia memohon maaf kepada kerajaan dan rakyat Indonesia selepas pendedahan kesilapan pada bendera Indonesia dalam buku cenderahati SEA Games 2017.
Susulan itu, pelbagai kumpulan dan pemimpin politik menggesa tindakan lebih keras terhadap Malaysia.
Sejak kesilapan itu dilaporkan, media sosial milik rakyat Indonesia menyasarkan Jalur Gemilang dengan memaparkannya secara terbalik. -FMT

It's now '1Malaysia Negaraku'

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today launched the 1Malaysia Negaraku (1Malaysia MyCountry) icon that combines the 1Malaysia concept and the Negaraku initiative, thus symbolising the consolidation of the message and platform to foster national unity.
Launching the icon at Perdana Putra here in the presence of cabinet ministers, he said the rebranding of the 1Malaysia icon was to avoid confusion among the people who had become familiar with the two concepts.
"Therefore, we agree to combine the two symbols into one national icon so that we do not discard the 1Malaysia concept and focus only on the Negaraku concept as though 1Malaysia does not exist anymore.
"We will continue to champion 1Malaysia.
“We have decided that this is the new icon for our nation, namely 1Malaysia Negaraku,” he said at the launch.
Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, cabinet ministers including Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, chief secretary to the government Ali Hamsa and Communications and Multimedia Ministry secretary-general Sharifah Zarah Syed Ahmad were also present at the launch.
Najib said the 1Malaysia concept launched in June 2009 had been accepted as an approach, philosophy, and concept that were most meaningful for Malaysians.
He said 1Malaysia symbolised the desire to achieve national unity through similarities, togetherness, cooperation and mutual respect among the people.
"1Malaysia is not just a concept and a vehicle but is based on key and ancillary values that can form the basis for the process of building a nation state,” he said.
Najib said the journey towards real and meaningful unity took time and had to traverse various challenges and obstacles but with the basic values associated with 1Malaysia, the country would be able to move towards the desired goal.
He explained that the 1Malaysia concept varied from that introduced earlier because it was linked to products and programmes using the 1Malaysia name such as 1Malaysia Clinics, 1Malaysia People’s Shops, 1Malaysia Training Scheme and 1Malaysia People’s Housing Projects.

Najib said the Negaraku initiative launched in March this year received tremendous response from the people.
"When we say Negaraku, we get a warm response because it is so spontaneous. Just say Negaraku and the people will respond with Malaysia,” he said.
Najib said the new icon would be used for this year’s National Day celebration.
"I am confident it will be well-accepted by Malaysians, especially with the excitement and achievement of the SEA Games 2017. I believe it will spur our spirit,” he said. - Mkini

Musa Hitam agrees to RCI on Memali, but wants it after polls

Former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam has no reservations about a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) being formed on the Memali incident, which claimed 18 lives.
However, he said the RCI should be established after the next general election to prevent it from being abused by politicians for their interests.
The former deputy premier also stated that there was no need to rush the RCI.
"...It is wiser and will serve its (RCI) purpose better to form and have the proceedings until after the GE14.
"There is also a need to choose an appropriate time to form (the RCI) and hold the proceedings to ensure that the establishment will serve its purpose rather than fulfil short-term political agendas of certain quarters.
"To me, there is nothing wrong with the formation so long as it is done with the right intention which is to seek the truth and justice without prejudice and that everything is done in accordance with the constitution and the nation's law," he added in a media statement.
Musa said those who were sincere in wanting to know the background of the Memali incident would agree that the RCI be formed after the general election.
Furthermore, he added that postponing the RCI should not be an issue since the incident occurred more than three decades ago, and no action had been taken apart from a White Paper presented and debated in Parliament.
The spotlight fell on the Memali incident following the fracas at the recent Nothing to Hide 2 forum in Shah Alam.
riot had erupted as former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad was answering a question on Memali, leading to flares, chairs and slippers being thrown.
Mahathir blamed the incident on supporters of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, but Umno and PAS claim that tempers flared due to the former premier 's unsatisfactory response on Memali.
The November 1985 incident in Kedah occurred when Mahathir was prime minister and Musa his deputy.

Early this month, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, addressing an Umno meeting in Kedah, claimed that Mahathir - whom he referred to as “that person” - attempted to shift the blame for Memali to Musa.
Zahid also cited Musa's biography in which the former deputy prime minister said Mahathir was in the country when the incident occurred unlike what the former premier had claimed.
“That person (Mahathir) was in Malaysia but put the blame on Musa, and Musa was made a scapegoat by that person,” he said. - Mkini

Watchdog: CMA has overtaken Sedition Act as gag tool of choice

The Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) has overtaken the Sedition Act 1948 as the major legal obstacle to freedom of expression in Malaysia, UK-based rights group Article 19 says.
"Article 19's legal analysis of the CMA has found that this Act contains overly broad content-related offences.
"(We urge) the Malaysian government to make amendments to the Act to ensure offences are narrowly defined and comply with international human rights standards," the group said in a statement today.
In particular, Article 19 said, Section 233(1)(a) of the CMA, which criminalises "improper use of network facilities or services", was a major concern because it created an "extremely vague offence".
The group noted that the law has been applied on online critics of the government, the monarchy and national leaders.
The law has also been used against media organisations, such as Malaysiakiniand its sister organisation KiniTV, Article 19 added.
"The space for dialogue and dissent both online and offline, is increasingly closing, most notably through the use of Section 233 of the CMA.

"Frequent use of the CMA is part of a broader trend that must end and urgent amendments must be made to bring the Act into line with international freedom of expression standards," Article 19 said.
Apart from the charges against Malaysiakini, Article 19 also noted that there were other efforts to undermine press freedom in the first half of this year, such as investigations against The Star and efforts to bar reporters from the Parliament lobby.
Article 19 is a London-based international lobby group that seeks to promote Article 19 of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. - Mkini

PKR leader wants deadline to Azmin-PAS tete a tete

If PKR wants to talk to PAS, then there should be a deadline, said a party leader as rifts deepen over continued negotiations with the Islamist party.
PKR parliamentary whip Johari Abdul said the deadline should be one or two weeks after Hari Raya Aidiladha, which falls on Sept 1.
"We can't keep on discussing things while at the same time our Pakatan Harapan friends are not sure whether we are firm on the coalition," Johari told Malaysiakini.
He said this when asked to comment about Selayang MP William Leong's decision to quit the PKR political bureau.
Leong is in disagreement with the party's plans to continue negotiations with PAS so close to election time, saying the party should instead prepare for three-cornered fights against the Islamist party.
Recounting the politburo meetings leading up to Leong's decision, Johari said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali had appealed to the bureau to give the party a chance to negotiate with PAS one last time.
"But we gave a counter proposal saying this must come at a Harapan level, and not on an individual level.
"Harapan must know what our stand on the matter is," Johari said.
In the end, the Sungai Petani MP said the politburo agreed to give Azmin and party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail a "small window" to negotiate with PAS, although a deadline has not been set.
Azmin had previously revealed that he has been engaged in informal talks with PAS over possible cooperation in the next general elections.
However PAS has been adamant about not working with Harapan, and coalition leaders Malaysiakini spoke to are not confident that Azmin can broker a deal.

Meanwhile, PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli said many in the party are not in support for continued talks with PAS.
"The majority of the party are not comfortable (with the talks), they feel that this is something that needs to be addressed," Rafizi said.
For himself, Rafizi said he is focusing on strengthening PKR's position in its 30 marginal seats and will continue to do so regardless of what the party decides on PAS. - Mkini

Six firms keen on Bandar Malaysia, says Irwan

Six firms have shown interest in becoming the master developer of Bandar Malaysia, said Treasury secretary-general Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.
"We took them for a site visit and they need to submit (their proposals) by end of this month," he said to reporters after attending the launch of the Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP) program at the Finance Ministry today.
Mohd Irwan, who is also Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd chairperson, said he was not sure which of the six companies will submit their proposals by the end of this month.
Putrajaya is currently seeking for a company to spearhead the multi-billion ringgit property development project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 
Originally, Putrajaya's plan for Bandar Malaysia involved selling off a 60 percent stake in the project to the Iskandar Waterfront Holdings (IWH) and China Railway Engineering Corp (CREC) consortium.

However, the deal was called off after the consortium allegedly failed to meet the payment schedule.
Following this, a fresh Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued in June. At the time, Irwan said that Putrajaya was eyeing Fortune 500 companies to take up the project, effectively disqualifying Malaysian developers. 
After the RFP was issued, a report said that Malaysia has received nine pitchesfrom Chinese and Japanese entities for the Bandar Malaysia project. - Mkini

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Govt must come clean on fuel price formula, says think tank

IDEAS says that lack of transparency fuels public anger over the discrepancy between global oil prices and petrol pump prices.
Azrul-Mohd-KhalibPETALING JAYA: The unhappiness among the people over increases in fuel prices can be subdued if Putrajaya reveals the exact method of calculating the weekly petrol and diesel prices, says a think tank.
The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) says that the public can’t be faulted for feeling “in the dark”, upset or confused over discrepancies between global crude oil prices and the retail price of fuel, which is set by the government.
IDEAS external manager Azrul Mohd Khalib told FMT that this was due to the lack of transparency on how the weekly price of fuel is calculated.
He was commenting on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s remarks yesterday that the people should know that he doesn’t have the power to control the weekly changes in fuel prices.
Najib lamented that when fuel prices went up, he is insulted, but when it goes down, no one says anything.
Petrol prices have increased now for four consecutive weeks now after having been on a steady decline during the Ramadan month, prior to Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
On July 26, the price of RON95 and RON97 petrol was RM1.97 per litre and RM2.22 per litre respectively. As of last Wednesday, it is RM2.15 per litre for RON95 and RM2.43 per litre for RON97.
Later today, the domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism ministry will be making the announcement on the new price effective from midnight.
“Of course Najib, or any country for that matter, cannot control global fuel prices.
“However, when the people see a discrepancy between the global oil prices and those at the pumps, then they’re going to be upset,” Azrul said.
Azrul noted that Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister, Hamzah Zainuddin had said the method of calculation was based on several formulas and had taken into account the global market prices and the ringgit’s position.
“He also emphasised that the method was also used at the international level. This is reassuring but what would even be more reassuring is to know the actual formula used.
“Increasing transparency on this issue would help alleviate frequent tension and unnecessary conflict each time the petrol price is adjusted.”
Meanwhile, PKR’s Wong Chen said Najib shouldn’t forget that with global oil prices set on a daily basis, there was “discretionary space” to adjust the prices.
“The truth is the public feels a real disconnect between global daily fuel prices to what they have to pay daily and this creates a perception of the government profiting on fuel prices.
“Whether this is true or not, the government has to answer.”
Wong, who is Kelana Jaya MP, said that unless and until Putrajaya switches to a daily fuel mechanism model, there will not be full transparency and accountability on the matter.
Last November, economist Firdaos Rosli, from the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia, said it was inevitable that Putrajaya would eventually shift to pricing fuel according to the daily price of crude oil. -FMT