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Friday, June 23, 2017


To pro-BN political pundits, the latest on DOJ is political ploy between the pro-Democrat attorneys and Mahathir.
Apparently, the sceptical responses and critics hurled at DOJ by BN politicians got their attention. DOJ responded through Malaysiakini. Why only Malaysiakini? Is it for real? Is it another proof of  collaboration with foreign government to topple democratically elected Malaysian government?
If it is taken in good faith that the e–mail exist, there is still a shroud of doubt as to why DOJ website did not make public their response on their website (see here.) Only two on their search engine.
Malaysiakini chose to highlight in their headline, “DOJ: We’re in the business of facts, not insinuations” and FMT report based on Malaysiakini report highlighted “DoJ says its court filings based on reasonable facts“.
The last para in the second attempt for seizure and forfeiture against those that allegedly laundered money from 1MDB, as taken from Bigdog here, as below:
“A civil forfeiture complaint is merely an allegation that money or property was involved in or represents the proceeds of a crime. These allegations are not proven until a court awards judgment in favor of the U.S.”
There is strong believe that DOJ could not proceed in the earlier application using Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI) due to in less revealing term, limitation on evidence.
The latest attempt to touch and highlight the pink diamond and accused it as gift to Datin Seri Rosmah had a local touch to a link to past issue with diamond from Jacob & Co, New York that was merely addressed to her for the mother to her Kazakhtan son-in-law.
A staunch former reporter turned blogger, Apanama defended Rosmah vehemently then though he has removed the posting. (See Rocky Bru in 2011 here.) Sadly he is no more keen now for the truth.
There is likely no link between Rosmah and the pick diamond. Read LSS via Snapshot 2016 here and Jalil Ab Backer on MyKMU here.
Back to Malaysiakini, the FMT report below with underlined highlights:
DoJ says its court filings based on reasonable facts
FMT Reporters | June 21, 2017
It warns, though, that people should not conclude that those named in its documents are guilty, or even innocent.
KUALA LUMPUR: The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) said whatever information it has released regarding its 1Malaysia Development Bhd civil lawsuits are based on details that it believes can be upheld in court.
However, it also cautioned that one should not draw any conclusions about the guilt or innocence of anyone simply because they had been named in the documents.
The DoJ told Malaysiakini via email: “The law requires we allege sufficiently detailed facts to establish a reasonable belief that we will prevail at trial.
“This means we have to allege enough facts to show a reasonable belief that United States money laundering and other criminal laws were violated and that the subject assets were involved in or traceable to these illegal transactions.
“In addition, the complaint provides sufficient details to specifically identify the property subject to forfeiture and to clarify the basis of the government’s case should anyone with a valid claim wish to challenge our case. Identifying persons and entities aids that function.”
Malaysiakini said the DoJ was responding to the statement by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan that the DoJ had insinuated at Rosmah Mansor, the prime minister’s wife, by linking her to diamonds allegedly bought using cash misappropriated from 1MDB, even though it had no intention to seize the jewellery.
The DoJ added: “No conclusions should be drawn, one way or another, about the status of individuals or entities simply because they are named in the documents.”
Read the rest of the background part of the report here and also in DOJ website here.
The following phrase highlighted that it is based on the information provided by the complainant:
“In addition, the complaint provides sufficient details to specifically identify the property subject to forfeiture and to clarify the basis of the government’s case should anyone with a valid claim wish to challenge our case. Identifying persons and entities aids that function.”
Will that mean DOJ filing is based on hearsay and it is a case of “sue first, fight it out in court” to see what happen?
Another point to be highlighted is:
“…  allege enough facts to show a reasonable belief…”
It is not beyond reasonable doubt required in criminal cases!
Lawyer Yuktes Viyay highlighted this issue with the American law in his FB here.
Just like Ms “I-am-willing-to-be-US-spy” Cynthia Gabriel did with the Scorpene issue to hype French court investigation as Najib was going to be charged but it never did happen, the same could happen.
It could be just Mahathir making allegations but later, it will not go any further should Najib be successfully toppled. He has done it on ECM Libra in 2003-2008 where he did not pursue it any further upon toppling Pak Lah.
There is a believe that Mahathir told former UMNO members in PPBM that the party is only temporary and it will be dissolved upon Najib’s removal. PPBM will then return back to UMNO.
The genuine opposition parties could be taken for a ride and the innocent non political PPBM members being used ha ha ha ….
Rocky Bru went through the various possibilities here, but lets cut through the chase.  
The stories in the application by DOJ closely resemble Clare Brown’s Sarawak Report and Clare depended on funding from George Soros. 
This time she could be funded by Mahathir and Soros extend his international media network:
The complainant is likely to be Dato Khairuddin Hassan and the person advising and guiding him is likely to be Matthias Chang.
Both of them went on a roadshow as though hey had reported to all authorities in the world but it is only a few and merely photo ops.
This blog raised it for the past 2 years.
The government is not wrong to charge and detain them. Only it did not stick with the judges. Time will tell and this blog has written on it many times over the last two years.
When it is time to show proof, both Mahathir and DOJ have none. Case will be thrown out and Khairuddin will die standing.
It will be too late for him to realise that he was used. When the time comes, he will be discarded like a kain buruk after the shine on the cloth worn off.
Mahathir is not concerned for his supporters. He is only concerned with himself, family and proxies cum cronies. The rest are his political tools to be used. Bigger name than Khairuddin have suffered over the decades.
He and his family is too kedekut to spend his own money to care for the supporters that sacrificed for him. They usually argue: “You join and support me at your own accord. I did not ask you to join me”. Only do political rallies.
Been there, know that.
When it comes to lying and sabotaging the country to collaborate with enemies of the state for personal interest and greed, it has to stop. The sacrifice is not worthy!
My love is for Malaysia and not indviduals.

– http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.my

KL’s oldest mosque renamed Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad

Sultan Sharafuddin officiates at the renaming of the mosque, which was built in 1909 and has become a national tourism icon.
masjid-jamekKUALA LUMPUR: Selangor ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah today officiated at the renaming of Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur as Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Samad.
Sultan Sharafuddin arrived at the oldest mosque in the capital city at 12.45pm and was welcomed by Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Also present were Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom and Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali.
Tengku Adnan said in a statement that it was the desire of the Sultan to rename the mosque, which was built in 1909 and had become an iconic building in the federal capital, because it was on a site that was originally part of Selangor.
He also said it was an initiative to preserve one of the nation’s treasures that had developed into a national tourism icon.
He said 108-year-old mosque underwent renovation in 2012 to restore its authentic look.
“Prayer spaces were enlarged by 4,000 square feet and the mosque can now accommodate more than 1,000 people for prayer at a time.
“Giant canopies, similar to the high-tech giant umbrellas installed at the NabawÄ« Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, were also added,” he said. -FMT

Zenith to Fadillah: We already gave you fee details

Zenith chairman says the company is willing to make another presentation to critics who allege the consultants of the Penang mega project were overpaid.
zenith-fadillaGEORGE TOWN: The presentation to works ministry officials on the Penang undersea tunnel and roads project two months ago was in detail and not just an overview, the company behind the project said today.
Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd (Zenith) chairman Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli said the presentation included a breakdown of the fee structure, showing the exact fees paid to consultants which Barisan Nasional (BN) claims were too high.
“Wouldn’t it be odd that we went to the ministry to talk about the delay of feasibility studies of the undersea tunnel without discussing the fees alleged to be excessive?
“I’ve checked with my consultants who attended the presentation and they affirmed that the meeting had discussed the allegedly high fees.
“It was not an attempt by us to use the names of the ministry and the works minister to defend the allegation of high fees,” he said in a statement today.
Zarul was responding to Works Minister Fadillah Yusof, who yesterday ticked off Zenith for using the ministry and his name to defend the company against allegations of overpaying consultants of the project.
Zarul had said Zenith and Penang government officials had met top officials of the ministry, including Fadillah himself, to give a “full-fledged” explanation.
BN’s strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan first raised the overpayment issue, saying the Penang government, as the owner of the project, had paid RM177.5 million to the consultants.
He said the amount was four times the normal fees. Rahman, who is also a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said detailed design costs should “only be slightly over RM41 million”, according to guidelines set by the Board of Engineers (BEM), a statutory body administered by the ministry.
Zarul said Rahman’s figure of RM177.5 million for just three major roads would certainly look bloated.
But he said Rahman’s calculations left out the undersea tunnel component, which was awarded together with the three major roads under the project.
Zarul also said the RM41 million estimate calculated by BEM only took into account the civil and structural work.
He said some of the work required foreign expertise and was hard to be benchmarked against current professional institutions.
“Therefore, their fees had to be benchmarked against international standard fees,” he said.
He offered Fadillah and Rahman another presentation of the detailed fee structure.
“We would like to meet up with BEM and we hope that you (Fadillah) and Rahman could join in for the meeting where we will again present our detailed fee structure together with our consultants,” Zarul said. -FMT

Najib calls on Muslims to foster peace, unity

Prime minister says victory for Muslims begins only when they forgive each other for the sake of unity.
najib-muslimKUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak today expressed hope that Muslims, especially those in Malaysia, will take the opportunity at Aidilfitri to forgive one another and foster peace and unity as prescribed by Prophet Muhammad.
The prime minister said if Muslims were negligent and chose to practise the politics of hate, it would be no surprise that relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the country would worsen.
“Victory for Muslims begins only when they forgive each other for the sake of unity, and it is also encouraged that the spirit of forgiveness is practised among all humans, irrespective of their beliefs and ideologies,” he said in a post on his blog.
Reflecting on the current situation of Muslims, with conflicts occurring around the world, Najib said it was very difficult to state that they were winning.
“This situation is exacerbated by the perception of some outsiders who regard Islam as the source of hatred and violence despite the fact that the 1,400-year-old religion has always advocated peace and unity as the best solution to conflict resolution,” he said.
Najib said only those with big hearts could forgive, and Muslims, who were big-hearted, should choose the path of understanding and not one of contradiction for the sake of self-benefit. -FMT

Increase in cost of living is killing the Raya mood

Hari Raya has always had a special place in the hearts of fellow Malaysians, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For fellow Muslims, we remember this day vividly due to the collection or giving of duit raya while we serve our united family with rendang and ketupat, while colorful cookies and cakes wait to be munched upon. This is also a time where Malaysians from all walks of life get together to catch up with one another.
I personally love Raya celebrations. I cook during Raya. I bake cookies and cakes during Raya. Most importantly, I must give out duit raya to my nephews and nieces. It’s a process which I believe every Malaysian is accustomed to.
This year however is uniquely different. When I visited the wet market to purchase ikan kembong (a common fish for one’s household), I witnessed this old Malay lady who picked up an almost rotten fish. The shop owner asked if the lady intended to feed the fish to her cats. Her response had me in tears. She said, “Ikan yang dah nak pecah perut murah kan? Saya nak beli untuk keluargaInisahaja yang mampu (A rotten fish is cheaper, isn’t it? I want to buy it for my family. This is all I can afford)”. I immediately helped her out with whatever cash I had and took down her details to request further support.
A day of festivities is now clouded with financial uncertainties due to the burdensome increase in cost of living. During Raya, it’s common for people to spend on the best of meals to serve to one’s family. Evidently, this lady was so financially stretched that she could only afford an almost-rotten fish for the family.
This is not an uncommon sight. The inflation rate this March was at its worst level in almost a decade (5.1 percent). The price of ikan kembong has jumped by more than 20 percent. I was shocked to find out that my Raya baking materials have gotten intolerably expensive.
The price of flour, sugar, cooking oil and baking powder all lead to the price of Raya cookies increasing by more than 15 percent. All of these might sound insignificant to the upper middle-income class, but to those who earn an average of RM2000 or below a month, this increase hurts a lot, especially during Raya season when it is customary to prepare cookies and cakes. I believe a lot of Malaysians will find it difficult to hand out duit raya like before.
While we are burdened by the increase in the cost of living, our wages have either stagnated or decreased. According to the “Malaysian Economy in Figures 2016” report by the Economic Planning Unit, Malaysia’s gross national income (GNI) per capita fell from US$10,677 in 2014 to an estimated US$8,821 last year. This means that our purchasing power has been reduced quite significantly. This affects those at the bottom of the income pyramid the most, who spend a higher percentage of their disposable income on food and shelter.
Basic issues like these will be on the minds of Malaysians when they go back to their kampungs. Independent Malaysian pollster Merdeka Centre also found that economic concerns were foremost on the minds of 74 percent of voters, far ahead of ethnic and political discord, at 3 percent and 2 percent respectively.
I believe Raya-goers will be able to link the increase in cost of living with government mismanagement and widespread corruption. Even some of my pro-Umno friends are asking why the Public Service Department cut RM240 million worth of scholarships. How could millions be allegedly spent elsewhere, while the budget for our public universities is slashed by 20 percent?
Conversations like this will come up regularly during Raya season, especially when we find it difficult to finance our once-in-a-year, memorable Eid Fitri celebrations. The Raya mood will take a hit, but I am confident that the strongest hit will be received by those who put us in this position in the first place.

SYED SADDIQ SYED ABDUL RAHMAN is Bersatu Youth chief, and is Asia’s best debater, having won the United Asia Debate Championship in May 2015.- Mkini

Nancy Shukri: Spad has checks and balances to ensure accountability and efficiency

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nancy Shukri has clarified that checks and balances have been put in place by the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad).
This comes after the appointment of Isa Samad as the Spad acting chairperson after he willingly resigned as chairperson of Felda Global Ventures (FGV), which had been plagued with controversy lately.
Nancy, who is in charge of Spad, said the commission is a statutory body that is under the Prime Minister's Department.
"As a commission, the government has ensured that there are checks and balances in place in enforcing all Spad activities and operations.
"The commission's audit committee, as well as its legal department, will ensure that the management is always in line with the administration and legal requirements while performing their duties," she said in a statement today.
As a professional planning body as well as an industry regulator, Spad has thorough standard operating procedures it has to abide by, she said.
She also explained that the government has set guidelines and control mechanism for infrastructure projects such as the LRT, MRT, KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) and the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL).

Throughout her time working with Spad, Nancy said she has been confident in the chief executive officer's commitment and the management line-up who have always maintained the highest level of efficiency.
Meanwhile, the acting chairperson of Spad in its non-executive role will chair the commission members' meetings to ensure the commission stays on a strategic trajectory.
"I believe that the momentum and spirit of working as a team in the Spad 'work culture' will continue to become better to ensure that land public transport is transformed for the benefit of the rakyat," she said.- Mkini

Though not easy, Geely pledges to turn around Proton in shortest time

China's carmaker Zhejiang Geely Holding said its main priority is to turn around Proton Holdings Berhad in the shortest time, according to Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group (ZGH) chairman Li Shufu.
On the same note, the Geely founder also vowed to turn around Lotus Advance Technology Sdn Bhd.
"The revival of Proton and Lotus will not be an easy task in a market with fierce competition. We will need to be fully prepared for the long and challenging road ahead," he said at the signing ceremony between Geely and DRB-Hicom, the owner of Proton.
Geely cannot do this by itself but we will do our best to work together with all parties, including the management, employees, and partners, he said.
Both parties had signed a definitive agreement that saw 49.9 percent stake in Proton sold to Geely and the entire stake in Lotus sold to Geely and Etika Automotive Sdn Bhd, for a total RM460.3 million.
When asked how soon Geely can ensure the turn around over of both Proton and Lotus, Li, however, could not provide a timeline.
"Both parties will turn around the companies in the shortest time," he replied.
"I cannot give you a definitive timeline now, but rest assured we have a solid good plan that we will put in place soon, and we will announce in due course," he said.
Under the deal, Proton is set to become the right-hand-drive hub for Geely in the Asean market with Geely's Volvo cars being assembled in Proton's Tanjung Malim plant. 
Li said Geely would restrict its brands from being sold in South East Asia when its cars enter the market under Proton's brand. 
He, however, said there will be no restrictions from Geely for Proton to export its car to other markets outside Asean, including to China in the future.
It was reported that Proton registered a loss of RM500 million in 2016 and had requested an additional of RM1.1 billion for research and development, this year.
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said Proton would have recorded a loss of RM1 billion, if not for the Geely deal. 
Also present was Najib, Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani, Second International Trade and Industry Minister Ong Ka Chuan, China Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang, DRB-Hicom chairperson Mohd Khamil Jamil and managing director Syed Faisal Albar and Geely president An Conghui.
With Geely on board, Syed Faisal said it could provide Proton with the much needed impetuous for it to hold its head high again. 
He said the immediate focus of Proton is to reclaim its position as the country's best-selling car.
"Proton's status as a national car is secure with DRB-Hicom still a major shareholder. I am positive that we will be able to impact the market positively, by coming out with products that meet market preferences in term of design and quality," he added.
Unveiling the Boyue SUV model, Syed Faisal said the voice recognition facility of the SUV model, which currently only recognises Mandarin, will be localised to include the voice recognition for other languages to suit the local market. 
Boyue SUV, Proton's first SUV model, comes with a permanent SIM card-based Wifi connection and voice recognition and was on display at the venue of Geely and DBR-HICOM signing ceremony.
Syed Faisal also said that Proton has not fixed a price on the model.
"We have to discuss it. This will be predicated by the element of how much localisation we can achieve," he said. 
Syed Faisal said DRB-Hicom is also committed to building research and development (R&D) test track for RM180 million for our relocation of operation to Tanjung Malim.
"Proton will also repay part of shareholder advances that DRB-Hicom has given," he added. 

On the RM1.5 billion soft loan given to Proton last year, Syed Faisal said DRB-Hicom will pledge back the assets that will be transferred out to Proton, following the deal.
"If anything happens to Proton, the government can take the non-automative assets totalling RM1.2 billion," he said. 
DRB-Hicom will also buy RM350 million of the preference shares on behalf of Proton for the government, he added. - Mkini