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Saturday, December 16, 2017

IMANS...everybody runs for cover!

WTF...u signed the letter ma...

Mas Ermieyati berkata perkara itu hanya diketahui selepas semakan dijalankan…

Imams cancelled because my officials misunderstood me, says Nazri

PETALING JAYA: Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz said the system to manage umrah visas was cancelled because it was not what he had wanted.
He told FMT that someone in his ministry had misunderstood his intention and what he was looking to implement.
Nazri, who is on a working visit to Germany, was talking about the Integrated Manasik Monitoring System (Imams) which was cancelled a day after its implementation.

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Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should take responsibility for the government’s U-turn on the Integrated Manasik Monitoring System (Imams), which was scrapped just a day after its launch, says constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari.
Abdul Aziz said it was wrong for Najib to disown the problem which had “embarrassed his administration.”
“As the prime minister, he has to take the responsibility even though he may not know or did not have a part in it. This is the essence of the parliamentary system of government.
“Just like Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was the prime minister when Operasi Lalang took place in 1987; it was wrong for him to shift the responsibility to the police.
“The buck stops with the sitting government and thus the prime minister,” Abdul Aziz said in a statement last night.
In a tweet yesterday, Najib voiced his disapproval of Imams, which was scrapped after public backlash following its launch on Friday.
Among others, there were concerns about having a non-Muslim top executive within the company tasked with managing the system.
Deputy Tourism and Culture Minister Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, said she was not aware that there was a non-Muslim in the company.
Abdul Aziz said Mas Ermieyati must also take responsibility for the furore surrounding the issue, given her role “as part of the political team – together with the tourism minister – who presides (over) the department that created and put the controversial system in place”.
“This is what is meant by the individual responsibility of a minister,” the DAP member said.
Imams was meant to be compulsory for the umrah visa application process, and would have been imposed on all 65 tourism agencies that handle minor pilgrimages to Mecca in Malaysia.
The system was aimed at curbing umrah package frauds.
It would have incurred an overall charge of RM90.10 per pilgrim, comprising RM45 for using Imams, RM40 for a comprehensive umrah takaful insurance scheme, and GST.
MEANWHILE, according to The Malaysian Insight:
How did it go wrong for IMAMS? 
WITHIN a day, a government with an eye towards the general election has stopped an illogical scheme to make money from the growing Muslim pilgrimage business of umrah in Malaysia.
Prime Minister Najib Razak was right by saying he didn’t agree to the charges for umrah visas under the Integrated Manasik Monitoring System (IMAMS) run by a private company.
Tourism Minister Nazri Aziz was quoted as saying he cancelled the system as it was far different from what he envisaged and told Parliament.
His deputy Mas Ermieyati Samsudin said she cancelled it because non-Muslims were running the system that was ostensibly set up to manage the umrah pilgrims, strengthen regulatory management system as well as weed out errant umrah package operators.
Not because the system is run by non-Muslims.
After all, Nazri did say the service was only RM40 and not compulsory.
How can anyone misunderstand his idea and just implement a mandatory system for all travel agents in the Umrah business?
How can anyone imagine there won’t be an outcry from the potential pilgrims who have saved their money for the minor pilgrimage?
Who decided to go ahead and launch the system anyway? Was it the minister, deputy minister or ministry officials?
It cannot be an overnight decision. The system needs to be developed, tested and get feedback from the Saudi authorities and the industry. Were all views considered?
And was there any government funds used to develop IMAMS or was it just a private venture? Didn’t the government consider the ownership of the firm before awarding it the concession?
The entire episode and u-turn smacks of something bigger than just a simple misunderstanding.
It just tells you there are people in the government who are detached and disconnected from reality and think they can profit from the growing pilgrimage business.
Yes, the industry needs to be regulated and cheats needed to be stopped. But that’s the duty of the regulators, not a concession that charges money to do the job of the government.
Yes, IMAMS might have been a good idea on paper but really, it costs more than the RM90.10 per pilgrim – its a potential vote per pilgrim lost for the government.


AN opposition leader today slammed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) “lack of evidence” to close its case on former Mara chairman Annuar Musa.
PKR’s Johari Abdul said it was just an “excuse to let Annuar off” and part of a pattern of letting other government leaders accused of graft getting away scot-free.
“It was expected because we have already seen, not for the first time, how Umno (and) Barisan Nasional leaders escape legal action,”  the Sungai Petani MP said.
“The question now is whether the probe into Annuar before this had been a political show to shut the people’s mouths,” he said in a statement today.
MACC was investigating Annuar, the Umno information chief, over allegations that he had abused his position as Mara chairman in the sponsorship of the Kelatntan football team in January.
Following that, he was suspended from his post as Mara chairman and Mara Investments chairman.
The case was first highlighted by Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, who alleged that Annuar had forced Mara Investments and Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) to sponsor the Kelantan football team.
MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Azam Baki told the media earlier this week that the prosecutor decided not to charge Annuar, who was president of Kelantan FA until November last year, because “statements and evidence collected so far are not enough to prosecute”.
Johari said any case involving the opposition Pakatan Harapan leaders would swiftly become “selected cases” and “charged immediately” to show that MACC was fair in its job.
“The government has to stop acting and deceiving the people, who are now more mature in their assessments on issues.
“They want to see investigations proceed to the judgment process, not just to the extent of remands and releases.”
Johari urged MACC to be firm on corruption and to do its job independently and free of political pressures, so that the people could put their faith in the commission.
“For how long will corruption continue and harm the country?
“What else can I say? As long as the chief of corruption or MO1 is not prosecuted, his people will follow his footsteps and also be freed of charges.”  
Earlier today, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng also raised the same issue against MACC, urging the anti-graft agency to function independently.
He said decisions by MACC should be free of political elements.
– https://www.themalaysianinsight.com


Rakyat Palestin perangainya sama seperti  Melayu yang marahkan Cina kerana Cina kaya dan bolot semua peluang perniagaan di Msia.
Rakyat Palestin mainkan isu Ketuanan Palestin,  tapi selepas 60 tahun bermegah dengan ketuanan, habuk pun tarak.  Inilah beza masyarakat yg menggunakan otak dan yg tidak menggunakan otak.
Masyarakat Yahudi yg dtg ke Palestin atau Jerusalem bukan duduk goyang kaki kemudian tiba-tiba menjadi kuat.  Mereka dulu pun dihina dan dihalau serta dibunuh.  Tapi mereka tidaklah mengalah dan mengharapkan tuhan dan doa semata-mata.  Mereka berusaha kuat sama seperti Cina yang datang ke Msia.
60 tahun dulu orang-orang Cina di kampung ana ramai yg miskin.  Mereka juga mempunyai hobi yg sama spt Melayu iaitu kuat berjubur.   Apabila anak mereka ramai dan tidak lagi terjaga oleh mereka,  mereka akan menghadiahkan anak tersebut kepada orang  Melayu yg dilihat lebih kukuh dan stabil.
Itu semua kisah dulu.  Cina sekarang sudah kaya raya,  sudah kuat dan kukuh ekonominya.  Mereka bukan tiba-tiba jadi kuat dan kaya.  Semuanya hasil kerja keras.  Mereka berniaga walaupun pada hari Ahad atau cuti umum.  Mereka berjimat dan uruskan kewangan dengan betul.
Melayu boleh bising pasal ketuanan Melayu sampai berbuih mulut,  mereka tidak peduli pun.  Mereka boleh beli negara Msia kalau mereka mahu.  Mereka ada beribu-ribu jutawan senyap di seluruh Msia.
Berlainan dengan Melayu dan Palestin.  Mereka cukup pandai bertempik tentang “HAK ISTIMEWA” tapi mereka tidaklah istimewa.  Mana mungkin bangsa yg malas seperti Melayu dan bangsa yg suka melontar batu adalah golongan yg istimewa.
Palestin bertempik kepada dunia bahawa mereka adalah tuan kepada tanah yg diduduki oleh rejim Israel,  dan suara mereka ini di sahut pula oleh seluruh negara Islam atas dasar “kesucian” Masjid Al Aqsa atau Baitul Maqdis.
Tetapi bak kata bijak pandai,  the meaning of insanity is “to  keep repeating  the same things and expect different results”.  Inilah kegilaan umat Islam yg tidak melihat subjek sebegini dengan mendalam.
Masalah Palestin bukanlah masalah umat Islam,  tapi umat Islam lah masalah kepada rakyat Palestin.  Seluruh dunia Islam bersungguh-sungguh menyokong “intifidah” (holy war) sewaktu zaman Yasser Arafat memegang tampuk kuasa di Palestin.
Kemudian lahir pula  pelbagai lagi puak-puak pemisah bersenjata seperti Hamas dll. Ini semua bersumberkan idea “jihad” dan “perang suci” di mana konsep “an eye for an eye” di laksanakan.
Itu belum termasuk perangai orang Palestin yg suka melontar batu kepada polis Israel hanya kerana protes atas sesuatu isu.  Contohnya pada tahun 2000,  Ariel Sharon melawat Baitul Maqdis,  dan penduduk Palestin memulakan protes dgn melontar batu atas dasar emosi.  Akhirnya berlaku tembak menembak dan sudah tentu yang memegang batu akhirnya akan mati.  Inilah sahaja kaedah yg dilaksanakan oleh rakyat Palestin atas nama “jihad” dan “Hak Ketuanan”.
Dan kita orang Islam yg jumud otaknya terlibat sama bersetuju dgn “jihad” sebegini lalu memanjangkan jihad sebegini didepan Kedutaan Amerika dengan membakar dan memijak bendera Israel.  Hasilnya apa?
Cuba perhatikan,  setelah berpuluh tahun intifadah dan acara baling batu berjalan,  dan Yasser Arafat pun telah kembali ke alam barzah,  kawasan yg ditakluki Israel tidak pernah mengecil.  Dimana kejayaan Palestin?  Yang nyatanya permusuhan antara warga Palestin dan Israel tidak pernah kendur.  Warga Palestin tidak maju dan nasib mereka tidak berbeza dgn majoriti orang-orang Arab yg lain yg menjadi jiran mereka.
Rejim Israel adalah rejim yg diasaskan kepada kekuatan ketenteraan.   Kenapa?
Kerana mereka ini sudah tersangat maklum bahawa kekuatan ketenteraan adalah jaminan kemuliaan di atas dunia.
Mereka tidak akan sesekali mengizinkan lagi bangsa mereka dihalau dan mengalami “holocaust” utk kali kedua.
Tugas setiap individu Israel adalah menguatkan diri sendiri dgn ilmu dan membina negara bangsa mereka supaya dihormati di seluruh dunia.
Dan hasilnya,  Amerika juga tunduk dengan Israel, tidak mungkin Israel akan tunduk dengan Arab atau Palestin yg tidak punya apa-apa untuk ditakutkan.
Inilah hakikat yg orang Palestin dan Melayu tidak faham.  Mereka fikir jeritan, emosi, demonstrasi dan perkataan “suci” boleh menyelesaikan konfrontasi.
Jika dunia mahu isu Israel-Palestin selesai,  ianya telah lama mampu diselesaikan berpuluh-puluh tahun dahulu.  Tetapi kedua-dua negara bertengkar hanya atas satu label, “SUCI”. Tetapi yg menang tetaplah yg lebih kuat,  bukan lebih benar atau suci.
Semua tanah dibumi tuhan ini bukanlah hak mutlak sesuatu bangsa.
Iraq dan Afghanistan boleh jadi hak Amerika selepas di bom dan dijajah.
Kota Baitul Maqdis mempunyai sejarah panjang bertukar pemilik dari Kristian kepada Islam.
Sewaktu Saladin menawan Baitul Maqdis,  orang Islam menggelarkannya sebagai perang suci utk menawan masjid suci Islam.
Tetapi apabila Richard The Lion Heart  (King Of England) datang untuk menakluk Baitul Maqdis,  mereka ini di gelar perampas.
Walhal Saladin juga merampas Baitul Maqdis dari orang Kristian.
Inilah resam dunia.
Siapa kuat dialah kudrat.  Penjajahan berlaku sepanjang masa.
Gerombolan tentera Islam dahulu juga adalah penjajah kerana mereka kuat.
Viking,  Mongol,  Rome,  Persia semuanya kuat dan menjajah.
Yang lemah akan dijajah.        Adakah ini sesuatu yg pelik?
Sekarang ini Israel adalah bangsa yg agung lagi kuat.  Mereka mampu tinggal dipagari oleh seluruh negara Islam yg acah-acah kuat dan kesemua negara Islam ini tidak mampu mengalahkan Israel.
Lalu utk menutup malu,  negara-negara Islam menyarankan “boikot”,  “rundingan” dan “sidang damai”.  Walhal di hati mereka,  mereka ini mahu membunuh orang-orang Israel yg dilabelkan sebagai “perampas” dan musuh Islam,  tetapi apakan daya,  mereka ini lemah dan hanya mampu membeli senapang 2nd hand sahaja.
Untuk menyatakan kpd dunia bahawa orang Islam ini sangat bermaruah dan bijak dalam urusan agama,  mereka melancarkan slogan “Pembebasan Baitul Maqdis” atau “Pembebasan Masjidil Aqsa”.  Ini semua retorik kosong yg mereka sendiri tahu tidak akan pernah  berjaya.
Didepan umum mereka tunjukkan bahawa mereka ingin “berjihad”,  tetapi mereka sedar berjihad dengan memakai kain pelikat adalah kerja orang gila.
Orang Islam tidak punya banyak pilihan.  Sepanjang zaman mereka ini telah didoktrinkan dgn doktrin “Yahudi dan Kristian tidak akan sesekali redha dengan kamu sehingga kamu mengikut agama mereka”.  Frasa keramat inilah yg membuatkan orang-orang Palestin mati bergelimpangan sepanjang tahun.  Jangan kita sangka orang-orang Yahudi tidak tahu tentang perkara ini.
Bayangkan,  beratus-ratus tahun orang Islam mempromosikan bahawa Yahudi dan Kristian itu musuh Islam.  Apa agaknya perasaan orang yg dituduh “musuh” ini?  Apabila dunia menggelarkan orang Islam sebagai terrorist atau pengganas,  orang Islam semua kepanasan dan tegas mengatakan bahawa bukan semua orang Islam itu jahat dan ganas.  Tetapi bayangkan,  orang Yahudi digelar musuh Islam sepanjang masa dan waktu oleh seluruh ulamak dan semua lapisan orang Islam.  Apakah ini pendekatan yg bijak oleh orang Islam?
Pernahkah para ulamak berfikir untuk membuang frasa keramat “Yahudi dan Kristian itu musuh Islam”?  Pernahkah ada gesaan utk membuat ungkapan dan tafsiran baru tentang musuh kemanusiaan bukanlah Kristian dan Yahudi,  tetapi sesiapa saja yg mengamalkan ajaran syaitan dan iblis.
Dan pengamal ajaran syaitan dan iblis ini wujud di semua negara termasuk Arab Saudi yg memegang kunci dua kota suci Islam.
Sungguh pelik perangai sombong umat Islam.  Mereka lemah dan poyo tetapi berani menjual idea “peperangan” kepada sesiapa saja yg dikategorikan musuh.  Akhirnya kesombongan sebegitu memakan korban yg berpanjangan.
Lihatlah masyarakat Palestin, setelah 70 tahun berlalu,  mereka masih menggunakan batu untuk menentang rejim Israel yg dimaklumi mempunyai antara ketumbukan ketenteraan yg paling hebat di dunia.  Orang-orang Palestin sangat ber”emosi” dengan terma penjajahan “kota suci” Baitul Maqdis.
Perangai mereka sama seperti Melayu yg tersinggung apabila orang-orang kafir menjadi kuat dan kaya walhal mereka sendiri yg malas.
Mereka hanya tahu melaungkan retorik kosong. Sedang dalam Quran jelas menyatakan bahawa “tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum jika kaum itu sendiri tidak mengubahnya”.
Sebelum negara Israel wujud pada tahun 1948,  orang-orang Yahudi yg bertebaran di seluruh pelusuk dunia juga mahu kembali ke tanah suci mereka.  Atas kepandaian dan licik dalam politik,  mereka akhirnya berduyun-duyun pindah ke Palestin. Tetapi jika berpindah semata-mata tidak cukup.  Mereka tahu mengawal dunia dengan kepandaian dlm semua bidang termasuk urusan perbankan.  Hanya bodoh dan pandai sahaja yg mampu membezakan antara kejayaan dan kegagalan.
Israel dan Jepun adalah dua contoh mutlak bagaimana kepandaian akan mengubah takdir.  Orang Melayu dan Islam hanya percaya kpd hadis dan kisah-kisah lampau bahawa suatu hari nanti Baitul Maqdis akan dibebaskan,  soalannya;
My comments :  None so far.
– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my


I received the following in the email from a reader. It sounds genuine enough. I am accepting it at face value. My comments follow.
Salam Tuan,
Yesterday (Wednesday?), TH Heavy Engineering Bhd (THHEB) conducted the Court Convene Creditor Meeting (CCCM) for its subsidiaries/associates company, THHE Fabricator Sdn Bhd (THHEF), THHE Offshore Services Sdn Bhd (THHEOS) and O&G Works Sdn Bhd (OGW). 
THHEB  conducted their own CCCM today.
The total debt for THHEB, THHEOS and THHEF (excluding OGW) is more than RM600 million.   They are unable to pay their debts. 
These companies were totally mismanaged by the people appointed by the Government. The ex-CEO is currently on trial for corruption more than RM50 Million. 
Arising from the CCCM, the results : Creditors accepted the Scheme Of Arrangement for THHEB and THHE Fabricator with 91% and 94%  acceptance respectively (Accepting settlement of RM0.50 per every RM1 Debt).
For THHE Offshore Services Sdn Bhd, Creditors rejected the Scheme with 81% rejecting it (Rejecting settlement of RM0.118 per RM 1 debt) – ridiculous proposed settlement. 
The consequences of this result : THHEOS will be liquidated and wound up. 
This will be a big blow to the government. 
A GLC is liquidated because unable to settle debts!!!!!!!!
I believe the announcement to Bursa will be soon.
We are both creditors for THHEF and THHEOS. 
It was also a doomed day for us as we have to write-off about RM6 – RM7 Million arising from this exercise. 
Being a small company, writing off this amount will make the company insolvent and we are definitely not able to pay our own creditors.
We are a good Bumiputra company and good tax paymaster.  
  • We have even paid tax on the profit generated from the THHEF and THHEOS projects despite not receiving the payments from them. 
  • (They have not paid for more than 2 years). 
  • Now, we have to write off this amount and we also cannot get back the money that we have paid for the tax on the  “Fake Profits”.  
  • You only get tax credit. What an unfair world….!!
We accepted the contract works from THHEF and THHEOS on the understanding that they were a GLC.   If  only  we can turn back time….!!
Now, we are doomed. It is a matter of time that we have to close SHOP. 
You are right, perhaps the Government would like to see all the SHOPS to be CLOSED.
All the stakeholders lost money and the losses are irrecoverable due to the incompetence of Government to manage the GLC. 
In the first place, why they have all these GLCs ?
They should just do the governing job  and leave managing the business to the non-crony businessman.
I believe one day God will punish all of them……all of them.
My comments :  The situation is really quite bad. A friend of mine, a former Chairman of a major GLC, says that the entire 1MDB scandal is a diversionary tactic.  He says there is something else going on. Much bigger than 1MDB.  
Lets look at THHE above. The ex CEO has been arrested and is now under trial for corruption involving RM50 million.  50 MILLION !!
THIS is the amount with which he is being charged.  There is likely to be more than this which is not part of this charge.  The ex CEO alone songlap RM50 million.
Folks, do you honestly believe that the ex CEO acted alone? I dont think so. There must be others involved, folks senior to this guy. They are untouched and/or worse they remain in place.
Read this part again :  
The total debt for THHEB, THHEOS and THHEF (excluding OGW) is more than RM600 million.   They are unable to pay their debts.

They have obviously songlap-ed more than RM600 million of other peoples’ money (their creditors or hutang money).  Obviously the RM600 million hutang money went to pay for things that are not there to help the company’s business.

They cannot pay back the hutang of RM600 million. A company this size must have substantial paid up capital, reserves, retained earnings etc. I would say at least to match that RM600 million hutang.  Lets say their own money was another RM600 million. Where is it? Also hilang?  Maybe all in,  a billion Ringgit has been lost? Its possible.
And this has been going on for sometime. 
Then there is Felda. I suspect the biggest nail in the coffin is over at the oil company. 
All this stealing has been going on since about 2009 or earlier. Since Kepala Bapok took over. 
Going back to this THHE news,  since they have not paid their suppliers and contractors (like to the company above) these companies are also going bust.
“also doom for us as we have to write-off RM6 – RM7 Million from this exercise. Being a small company, writing off this amount will make the company insolvent..”
The bumiputra economy, which is so gomen dependent is being destroyed.
I keep repeating ‘Melayu miskin dulu’ to drive home the point that it is gomen policy that is making the Malays and the bumiputras poor.
It is not the fault of the Chinese, the Jews, the Christians, the Mohicans, Mohawks or the Apache. 
Stupid policies by a stupid gomen is making their people more stupid and poor.
Rest in peace or rest in pieces. Its your choice.