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Husni has been accused so many times of sexual harassment. Many reports have been lodged against him from women who accuse him of groping their boobs and bums. He is also sleeping with someone’s wife. And now those secrets are going to come back to haunt him because he is pretending he is a holy man when he is actually a cad and a scoundrel.NAJIB’S 
It is actually quite surprising that the former Second Minister of Finance, Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah, would attack Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in such a vicious manner considering what Najib has done for him. Malays call this tak kenang budi.
Husni’s anger with Najib started when the Prime Minister would not promote him to Finance Minister. Instead, Najib wanted to transfer Husni to another ministry, which Husni saw as a demotion from the post of Second Minister of Finance.
But then Husni had let Najib down badly, especially regarding 1MDB. Instead of sorting things out the way Najib wanted him to, Husni actually contributed to the problem. Husni was supposed to be the solution and instead he became the problem.
With that type of track record how could Husni expect to be promoted to the post of Finance Minister? The post of Finance Minister is the second-most powerful post after Prime Minister, even more powerful than the post of Deputy Prime Minister. And if, as Second Finance Minister, Husni already demonstrated male fide and played a role in sabotaging 1MDB, imagine what he would do as Finance Minister!
As Finance Minister, Husni would not only have been able to approve his son’s RM2 billion highway extension project, he would be head of various very important and very powerful committees. The RM2 billion highway extension project would have been just the beginning of many more billions to come.
But what is more important than that is the fact that Najib saved his sorry behind more than once. There were so many allegations of sexual harassment and other misdeeds made against Husni. A number of women in his office had lodged complaints that Husni had groped their boobs and bums. There is also a complaint about Husni’s affair with a married woman from his Umno division.
They actually wanted to launch an investigation into these many allegations but Najib chose to give Husni the benefit of the doubt. If not Husni would have been dragged into court on more than one count of sexual harassment. And that does not include the husband of that woman Husni is having an affair with filing for a divorce.
So, after the Nika Gee divorce case because of her affair with Muhyiddin Yassin, we would have seen a second divorce case involving Husni’s mistress and her husband. But Najib downplayed this case to help Husni avoid a huge scandal and embarrassment to him and his family.
Najib had already been warned that Husni likes to put on airs and pretend that he is very religious when in fact he is a predator of the highest degree. If Husni did what he did in the UK he would have been sent to jail some time ago and for a very long time on top of that.
Considering what Najib did for Husni and the number of times Najib had save his bacon, Husni should be on his hands and knees to kiss the ground that the Prime Minister walks on. Husni, however, sabotaged 1MDB instead of solving the problems as Najib had asked him to and now Husni launches his attack on Najib.
Has Husni not heard the saying, ‘those who live in glass houses should not throw stones’? And now his secret that he has the hands of an octopus and loves groping boobs and bums of every woman who walks pass him and sleeps with other people’s wives is going to bring him down to the level of Muhyiddin and Anwar: sexual perverts who pretend to be holy like Prophet Muhammad.


A 22-year-old nurse was found half-naked and asleep by the side of the road near the Bletih industrial area in Kapit, Sarawak, after she was raped by two factory workers she recently befriended.
The victim, who works at a district health clinic, was found at 6.30am on Saturday by passers-by. District police chief Dept Supt Freedy Bian said the victim had been with the two suspects at two karaoke centres.
“A health check found sign of tears and semen in her private parts,” Freedy said. Police have remanded two men, aged 23 and 26, to facilitate investigations.


This is all that is left of Altantuya!

Razak Baginda, when do you say enough?

What of the Scorpene Submarines that Razak Baginda purchased on behalf of the Malaysian Goverment ?
(AFP) – Malaysia’s first submarine, a European-made Scorpene delivered last September, has developed problems that make it unfit for diving, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. The KD Tunku Abdul Rahman sailed into a grand reception last year as the first of two commissioned from French contractor DCNS and Spain’s Navantia for a total of 3.4 billion ringgit.Named after the country’s first prime minister, it was hailed as an important acquisition despite opposition allegations of corruption in the deal. “The submarine can still dive but when we detected the defects, we were advised that it should not dive,” Zahid told reporters.
What about Balasubramaniam : the private eye hired by Razak Baginda to protect him and his family?
RAWANG: Former private investigator P. Balasubramaniam’s family is still in shock over his sudden death, especially since he passed away just hours after undergoing a medical check-up at a private hospital.
What about the murderers of Altantuya?
The Shah Alam High Court originally acquitted Abdul Razak Baginda and meted out the death sentence to two of the accused, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, on 9 April 2009, wrapping up the 159-day trial. On 23 August 2013, Sirul and Azilah were acquitted by the Court of Appeal, sparking controversy. On 13 January 2015, The Federal Court overturned the acquittal of both individuals, finding them both guilty of murder and sentenced both of them to death. However, Sirul fled to Australia and efforts by the Malaysian authorities to extradite him were hampered by existing Australian legislation prohibiting the extradition of individuals to countries with the death penalty.
 What of Razak Baginda?
After his acquittal in the murder trial of Altantuyaa, Abdul Razak now lives in the United Kingdom all cashed up with “ 30 million euro (RM137 million) for consultancy services in the Scorpene submarine deal that Abdul Razak Baginda admitted to receiving”
So Razak Baginda…have you not caused enough sufferings to the children and a family of Altantuya and to the other individuals and their families whose lives have irrevocably been changed for the worse by what you have done with yours? Is it not time you crawled under the tempurung and spare us all your despicable self?
It would seem not!
Razak Baginda is coming to Malaysia to talk about Democracy!
“Asked on the matter, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan Malaysiakini that he will be speaking on the Malaysian democracy trend – how it has evolved over time.”
Which part of Democracy does this mongrel want to talk about? Yes I did call Razak Baginda a mongrel
Australian Slang
  1. mongrel dog; 2. despicable person; 
How is Razak Baginda a despicable person?
Razak Baginda not only cheats on his wife and daughter but he had the audacity to do it on the world stage – cavorting in Europe with a Mongolian Mistress in a Red Ferrari for an extended period while compromising the security of our nation by doing it while on a mission to purchase sensitive defense equipment – namely the Scorpene Submarine – on behalf of our nation – he is not only an irresponsible bastard but is also a mongrel. And Razak Baginda has not only done all that but he now wants to come to Malaysia to talk about Trends in Democracy!
Razak acknowledged that he had met Altantuya in Hong Kong at the end of 2004, in Shanghai Kuala Lumpur and France in 2005 during their affair, which lasted about eight months.
Razak chronicled his love story with Altantunya, which he referred to her as Mina.
“I have given her money several times, US$10,000 three to four times or more. I stopped giving because I could not stand the harassment.”
Anyone who does not keep his side of a bargain with the said mistress by denying her the “commission” promised, and then have the UTK to kautim in getting rid of the said mistress is a double mongrel.
Then when the UTK operatives were arrested, put on trial and then convicted Razak Baginda ran away to London to live on the spoils of his corrupt dealing with the Malaysian government led by his friend,  Najib Razak – and by doing so, Razak Baginda must surely be a triple mongrel.
And now after all that he is coming back to Malaysia to give a talk on Democracy…I have no words to describe this kind of mongrel anymore. It is beyond me!
What part of democracy does he want to talk about?
Is it about that part of democracy that allowed a guy, who is a friend of the prime minister, to make RM 500million for services rendered in the purchase of the Scorpene Submarine?
Is it that part of democracy that enables him to enjoy the company of a young Mongolian girl …driving a red Ferrari through Europe on the way to purchase that submarine for our nation? Compromising the national security of our nation by his reckless behavior of mixing carnal pleasure with the purchase of sensitive defense equipment for our Nation!
Maybe it is that part of democracy that enable someone to instruct the two UTK operatives  to deal with that Mongolian lady who was making a “nuisance” of herself in front of Razak Baginda’s house because Razak has not kept his part of the bargain to give her what ever it was that he had promised to give her.
Or was it that trial in a democratic nation that allowed the Judge to convict those two UTK operatives without wanting to know who instructed them to do so….the democracy that allows one of them to abscond to Australia and demand for RM17 million for his continued silence for the murder he initiated on Razak’s Baginda’s behalf?
Possibly it is the democracy that has enabled him to cheat on his wife and daughter by allowing him to have sexual relationship contrary to his duties as a Muslim?
Will he also talk about the leader of that democracy – Najib Razak – whom he called for helped when he was arrested and who responded by saying that he will talk to the IGP and see what he can do?
This is the transcript of SMS between Najib Razak and Shafee on this matter : Please click here for more : 
Wednesday 8/11/2006
Shafee  to Najib (S2N)
Date: 8/11/2006 02:59:31
Dato Seri, The Razak Baginda thing is troubling me.Can I help? Salam, Shafee
Najib to Shafee (N2S)
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:05
I will speak with u later tonight.
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:31
Thank you
Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56
Met the investigating officer today.Position is serious for RB.The 3 are highly implicated.RB’s case can be fought.There are redeeming features for him.But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large.But not to worry. Salam > Shafee
Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11
I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.
The democracy that allows his to flee to London to enjoy the spoils of his corrupt ways from the sale of that Submarine.
And now we see the workings of the democracy that allows this mongrel to come back to Malaysia to give a talk about “DEMOCRACY”….surely a sickening liberty taken by a mongrel  for what reason?
To try and take his place back in this democracy?
To make more money in this democracy?
Let me tell this Razak Baginda what he should really do :
Go and meet face to face the father of Altantuya and explain to him the circumstances of his daughters passing.
Go meet Altantuya’s children and take responsibility for their future by the only way you now can – provide for their financial needs as you were responsible for the death fo their mother – their source of income.
Take responsibility for Altantuya’s murder and let her soul rest in peace.
Until you have done all this….get your mongrel and despicable self banished to any place else just as long as it is far far away from the place where you have caused misery to so many people! Ptui!

Ayub Khan is this true? Zakir Naik is back in town? Quietly under the radar?

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A commenter said this in the previous post :

Anonymous said...

Zakir Naik back in town. He met the Home Minister, probably Malaysian citizen in the offing since Indian and Bangladeshi authorities are after him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 8:34:00 PM

My comments : Dato Ayub Khan, Head of Counter Terrorism at Bkt Aman, is this true? The other day Bilal Philips another Salafi psycho was here giving speeches in Ipoh.

Both Bilal Philips and Zakir Naik have been banned from entering quite a few countries. 

Habis pasai apa hangpa pula bodoh bangang nak jemput geng haprak ini masuk Malaysia?  Tak cukup bodoh ke negeri-negeri depa, benci-membenci, bergaduh, berkelahi, membunuh, sebab geng-geng haprak ini lah. Pasai apa pi jemput depa masuk negara kita?

‘Speaker’s ruling lets gov’t dodge answering to House on 1MDB’

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The government appeared to have been given an escape route to avoid being answerable in Parliament on matters related to the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 1MDB-linked civil suit.
This was a concern raised despite Dewan Rakyat speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia’s clarification that there is no blanket ban on questions related to the suit to recover more than US$1 billion in assets allegedly from 1MDB.
Pandikar had at the beginning of this current parliament session rejected 33 questions by opposition lawmakers on the DOJ case on grounds of sub judice.
He also said there is no need for ministers to provide a written reply to the questions submitted.
In response to Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo who sought a ruling on the matter, Pandikar later said that further questions can be raised during debates of Budget 2017, and the presiding speaker would determine whether the question is considered as sub judice or otherwise.
PAS Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar however said that despite Pandikar’s clarification, the government would use his earlier ruling as an “escape route” from answering all questions related to 1MDB.
“As far as we were made to understand, the sub judice ruling only applies to questions directly related to the ongoing case in the US,” he said.
“There were other questions not directly related to the suit, for instance the ones raised by former second finance minister (Ahmad) Husni Hanadzlah yesterday,” said Mahfuz (photo). who pointed out that the Tambun MP was previously the government’s spokesperson on 1MDB.
“I agree that the speaker’s ruling is one way for the government to avoid answering these questions,” said Mahfuz, adding that the decision was regrettable.
Husni, who spent seven years as a minister, had in his Budget 2017 debate on Monday raised multiple questions related to 1MDB and urged the government to consider several negative outcomes from the entire controversy.
Among others, he had asked why 1MDB was formed, and if any action would be taken against 1MDB’s management for channeling the investment firm’s funds to the “wrong places”.
Husni had resigned from his post in June but only revealed the real reason, due to excessive stress from being tasked to resolve the 1MDB financial scandals, several months later.
Already reluctant to face their critics, the minister in charge could use Pandikar’s ruling to further avoid addressing the issue.
Deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee said that he does not expect any minister to answer any related questions, based on Pandikar’s earlier statement.
“In the first place no questions allowed so no answers expected,” he told Malaysiakini.
When it was pointed out that Pandikar had clarified his stand, the Beluran MP said he agreed that the presiding speaker would determine from the debate if the matters raised were considered as sub judice.
“True. The speaker will determine based on the questions. And ministers’ answers, too.
“Sub judice (deliberation) based on the issue (raised) and not the question,” he said.
‘Gov't duty-bound to answer’
Aside from a legal loophole from the sub judice argument, critics claimed that BN lawmakers would still try to avoid answering questions on 1MDB.
Constitutional expert Abdul Aziz Bari (photo) said that questions asked in Parliament are the only way to make the lawmakers accountable to the people who elected them.
“Even without any restrictions from the speaker, a minister can try to beat around the bush and not answer the questions,” said Abdul Aziz, who also hit out at Pandikar whom he claimed had abused his powers to prevent questions on matters pertaining to national interest.
“When the speaker introduced such restrictions, it is tantamount to an abuse of his powers.

“As a lawyer, he should be ashamed of himself,” said Abdul Aziz.
He further stressed that the government is duty-bound to answer all questions raised by the people via their elected MPs.
“Whether the questions are in written or oral form, the government must answer,” he said.
In reference to Husni’s questions, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua had said that 1MDB appeared to be a top secret operation that only Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also the finance minister, have answers to.- Mkini

Minister: 1MDB still looking for ‘willing’ auditor to replace Deloitte

Image result for Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani and 1MDB auditors

Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani has revealed that 1MDB has yet to find a new auditor to take over from Deloitte Malaysia, which resigned in July.
Thus, 1MDB is still unable to submit its financial statement ending March 31, 2015 despite being given two six-month extensions until March 2016 from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) to submit the report.
“I have told 1MDB board that they have to look into their accounts quickly,” Johari told Malaysiakini.
“In fact, the board has been looking into appointing a new auditor since the resignation of Deloitte. But the problem is that they have not been able to appoint the new auditor,” he said.
“I think they want to look for an auditor that is willing to accept the job,” he explained when asked the reason of 1MDB’s inability to secure a new auditor.
“There are a lot of things (that need to be done). I am sure the board and also the management need to convince the auditor so that they are willing to accept the job,” he elaborated.
Deloitte was appointed to replace KPMG, one of the big four accounting firms, who signed off 1MDB’s accounts in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
“All companies under the Finance Ministry must be able to audit (their own accounts). If not, they must tell us why. In this case, they have already told us they can’t even to get an auditor to replace Deloitte,” said Johari, who is also an Umno supreme council member.

Malaysiakini has attempted to contact 1MDB chairperson Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah and president Arul Kanda Kandasamy for further comment.
Early this month, Arul Kanda said Deloitte resigned because it was unable to complete the audit of the state investment fund’s 2015 accounts.
The state-owned fund cited the same reason as before, that it was waiting for the return of its documents, which were seized during a raid last year. -Mkini