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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Apologise or face protest, Malay NGO group tells film director

A group of Malay NGOs have demanded that film director David Teo apologise publicly, and on a live presentation, to all Malaysians for being rude at an event attended by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
Failure to do so within three days, Gerakan Memertabatkan Pejuang Negara (GMPN) president Major (Rtd) Razali Zakaria said the group would mobilise a protest against him.
"I want him to apologise officially to all Malaysians and do it live," Razali told the media outside Teo's office in PJS5, Petaling Jaya, this afternoon.
He felt the mere apology by Teo at the National Transformation (TN50) event was not enough, when it was shown live in the social media and witnessed by the whole nation.
"If he refuses to do so, then his apology (last night) was not sincere, merely a lip service," added Razali, who was accompanied by five representatives from five GMPN member NGOs.
Razali also threatened that they would call upon the government to halt Teo's involvement in the movie industry if he refuses to apologise.
During the TN50 event at the prime minister's official residence in Putrajaya last night, comedian Sulaiman Yassin, also known as Mat Over, slapped movie director Teo (photo) after he went on stage and attempted to direct a question at Najib.
Teo was then questioning actor Rosyam Nor, who moderated the event, on allegedly not giving equal opportunity for everyone at the forum to voice their views.
Criticising Teo as being "disrespectful" to the PM, Rosyam eventually allowed him to express his views, which the director started by reciting a poem.
At this point, Sulaiman hit Teo, who reacted by trying to kick his aggressor, and a brief tussle ensued, before police officers intervened.
Mat Over congratulated for stopping Teo
Razali went on to congratulate Mat Over for stopping Teo's speech by taking swift action.
"Maybe Mat Over was in high spirits and he took action. If he did not do so, then the matter will have been prolonged and David Teo would have continued to talk.
"So, we congratulate Mat Over for taking action swiftly to stop other incidents from occurring," Razali said, adding that they were doing this to teach Malaysians not to be rude to the prime minister, who represents all Malaysians.
"We will lodge a police report (against Teo) too. Mat Over is not the cause, but David Teo. If Teo did not act rudely, then a fight would not have happened and Mat Over would not have responded," he said.
Razali also called upon the Defence Ministry to remove the military title of "Major" from Teo.
He also demanded to see Teo at his office to seek his clarification, but left when told that he was not in the office.

Earlier today, media organisations were notified that several NGOs would be conducting a "peaceful assembly without weapon" at Teo's office.
This prompted Petaling Jaya police chief ASP Mohd Khairul Zaman Wahab to lead a 15-member team to the scene and prohibited the protesters from entering the office.
At the press conference later on, Razali clarified that they came today to conduct a press conference, not to stage a protest.- Mkini


  1. Eiik.k.kk. ..????
    What happened to mat sekodeng...ops.s..maaf ..Mat sekinchan? ?
    Sidekick has taken over.....
    Probably. he's busy preparing for election. ..and the sidekick
    will be appointed ..his "tok empat" or ketuanan kampung. ..

  2. As for Mr David Teo.....
    (I am a malay........not the ketuanan type)
    On behalf of "the other malays"..., we apologise and sorry..for the behaviour of some malays...
    Sometime things happened for a reason...
    (Mr Toh from JB..We are sorry...too)